Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book Accepted for Consideration - Track its Progress!!!

Hooray! Hooray! My book was accepted for consideration by the Board of Directors at their meeting last night; it was also accepted for "fast track" consideration. At this point, my submission (1st 3 chapters and last chapter) will be reviewed by at least five readers/editors and must get the thumbs-up by at least three of them. I'm working with the senior mystery editor to prepare outlines and other stuff with the hope that I get through Stage 2 of the three-stage process and will have the materials they need ready for Stage 3. More later...

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  1. UPDATE 8/21/2008: So far, 2 of the 3 readers who've read my submission have voted to purchase it - 1 voted for rejection. I need one more reader to give it a thumbs-up - and then it moves on to the final review stage of consideration. Keep your fingers crossed!