Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can You Help Me Improve My Stinky Plotting Skills?

I'm in a poor-me mood. 

My plotting skills stink.  I can always come up with a really good idea for a novel.  Then I come up with a couple of sub-plots to weave throughout the story--they're usually threads based on character or emotion.

What I need is help figuring out how to create other plot aspects that branch out from the main plot.  Oh, and that enhance the main plot, that are interesting, and that aren't stupid.

That about covers it. 

Except for my disclaimer that I've never had problems plotting blog articles, magazine articles, my newspaper column, or insurance texts.  Just so you know...

Got any advice?


  1. Are you writing another mystery? Working in the confines of mystery requirements will make it easy...dead body 1, dead body 2 in the middle of the book, 5 suspects, sleuth, questioning of suspects (twice...once after each body), possible inclusion of a moment of personal danger for the sleuth/protagonist, denouement where the killer or killers is revealed.

    Mystery Writing is Murder