Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's Stealing Our Books?

According to Attributor Corporation, a privately held technology company that uses a content monitoring and programming platform to enable publishers to protect their content wherever it appears on the Internet:

  • Over 9 million pirated book copies were dowloaded in a recent study of 1,000 books of various genres
  • The pirated downloads represent potential losses of nearly $3,000,000 to the book publishing industry
  • Online book pirarcy represents approximately 10% of total U.S. book sales
For the entire Attributor U.S. Book Anit-Piracy Research Findings studfy, click here:

Publishers Weekly cited the above study earlier today: had an article about online book piracy on 12/23/2009:

The New York Times posted a scary article about book piracy online on 05/11/2009 - and it was about print book piracy on the Internet:

Thank you to Nadene Carter of NorlightsPress for spotlighting this issue via a blog post by Doris Booth of
We writers need to spread the word; feel free to link to this blog post to share the information.

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  1. You're right, Linda, it's a serious issue. There's been an ongoing thread about it in most of the online groups I'm involved in. Hard to know how to handle it - it seems so bloody sophisticated and there always seems to be a new variation of it.