Sunday, February 21, 2010

Help Me Write a Story

A fellow I know mentioned on his blog a while ago that he'd like to try beginning a story on his blog and letting his "followers" each take a shot at writing a continuation of the story.  Since Bill Kirton hasn't followed up on that suggestion, I'm stealing his idea.

Here are the rules:
  • Each of us will take a turn writing a segment of the story
  • Since it's now my idea, I'm beginning
  • No more than two paragraphs per person, per shot
  • You can write an additional segment after at least two other people have written between your entries
Let's see where this takes us...

They look like a happy couple, a couple in love, as they smile at the other people on the bus.

In reality, the assassin is holding a gun at the blue-eyed man's back.  She slips her free hand into his jacket pocket and...


  1. ...her fingers search for the cell phone she knows he keeps there.

    The instrument will provide the information she needs to track down her real target.

  2. He turns to look at her, the probing fingers reminding him of that evening in Venice, the full moon and the gondola.

    He nuzzles his lips to her ear and whispers 'You don't need the gun, darling. You know I'm yours.'
    When it comes, her reply chills him to the core.

  3. "I'm not the twin you think I am. I am here to make you pay for what you did to Julie" she hissed.

  4. She feel his body tense as he stares at her wild eyed. What in god's name do you mean? I love Julie, has something happened to her? Why do you think I hurt her?

  5. He didn't hear her reply. It was drowned out by the screams of the passengers as the bus hit something and slewed across the road, dangerously near to the sheer drop.

    The gunshot, too, was lost in the confusion.

  6. The driver slumped at the wheel, stone dead. The bus hadn't hit something; the shot had hit the driver.

    Julie's twin stood up. "Is there anyone on the bus who has the driving skills to get us out of this?" she asked. "We're in a cell-phone dead zone, and if we don't get out of here before the blizzard, cell-phones and our unfortunate driver won't be the only things dead."

    From Carola Dunn - who was unable to post directly.

  7. The blue-eyed man ignored the blood dripping into his eyes as his mind raced for answers. Julie--or, rather, the woman he'd believed to be Julie--sure did seem to be taking charge. First, by shooting the driver, and now by attempting to recruit a new driver.

    Where did she want to take them? And why?

  8. As she stood before him, he could just see the serpent tail of her tattoo licking up from the vee of her blouse. It seemed so long since he'd trailed his fingers along it, tracing the letters J J Z which it held in its coils. He'd asked her then what they stood for. She'd just smiled and kissed him. But now, as she pointed at a young Mexican man and ordered him to take the wheel, he suddenly realised their significance, and the memory of the kiss froze his blood.

  9. Carole McMorrow3/26/2010 9:31 AM

    With the woman he had thought was Julia in charge, all the passengers could do is wait for her to tell the new driver what to do next. They were on a mountain road that was narrow and it would be hard for the new driver to turn the bus around on that narrow curve.

    She had the blue eyed man put his arms behind his back and she handcuffed him to the seat before she continued with her plan