Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honesty and Censorship

Okay, so here's my beef with blogging this week:  I really can't use a blog as a substitute for a journal or stream of consciousness thinking.  Why?

First of all, because if I talk about the idiot at work, or the tiff with my brother-in-law, or what I really want to do this weekend, with my luck the idot, my sister, and my husband will all read the blogpost and get ticked off at me.  It's one thing to be honest; it's entirely another thing to be uncensored.

Which brings me to my second beef:  although I don't believe in censorship, I have to do it all the time!  Cripes.

Guess this means I'll continue being nice on the blogs and scribbling like mad in my journal, thus ruining the lives of a very large number of trees.

What's YOUR take on honesty in writing...and censorship?

1 comment:

  1. I think a more judicious application of restraint as far as our own revelations are concerned might help to avoid lots of embarrassment. It's therapeutic to unload angers and frustrations into a blog or a story, but they subside, they're replaced by others, or one finds they were misguided - and yet the damning evidence is still out there and can't be erased. The spoken or simply 'thought' word is safer.