Sunday, October 17, 2010

What do the Author Exchange Blog and my Dreams Have in Common?

I've decided to consolidate and include the author interviews, book reviews, and guest posts I've been publishing on my Author Exchange Blog on this blog beginning November 16th.  Dividing my life into compartments has taken a lot of energy so I decided that since I am one person who does many things, I'd combine the writing/educating aspects of my life.

I wanted to be a published writer when I was a kid, along with stints of wanting to be a doctor (which ended in 7th grade after the frog dissection), a ballerina (does Fantasia mean anything to you?), a rock star (my range is about 5 notes), and a teacher.  Since I dropped out of college during my first semester, the teacher dream shattered.  Or so I thought...

Here I am, a number of years later, teaching.  And writing.  Not in the precise manners I'd envisioned, but teaching and writing nonetheless.

Hosting the Author Exchange Blog has enabled me to "meet" a great number of writers, some of whom have become buddies and friends.  It has entertained me, educated me, and--at times, I admit--frustrated me.  It has also become a part of my life that brings me great pleasure.  So, as if it were one of the animals I periodically invite into my family, you'll be seeing it merged into this blog.

Let's see where this adventure leads...

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