Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Newest Book is Available for Pre-Order!

Taking the Mystery Out of Business is now available for pre-order and has its own personal page on my publisher's website.

Business owners, independent contractors, managers, and employees often wear many hats and deal with limited time, budgets, and resources. In this practical primer, Linda Faulkner lays out the fundamentals, providing examples and tips so newcomers to the business world can easily gain an understanding of the challenges they face. Experienced professionals will benefit from a refresher on basic strategies and how to stay a head of the competition.

"If your preconception of a successful business person is one who wears a designer suit, carries a leather briefcase, drives a German sports car, and earns a six-figure income, you may want to put that idea aside for the next two-hundred pages or so."

To read the first chapter, pre-order, or for more information, visit my website or TMoB's Page on my publisher's website.

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