Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Just Loving These Reviews

May I share the lovely news? Taking the Mystery Out of Business just received its second 5-star review in 2 days. I can't emphasize how terrific it is to know that other people receive a benefit from the sharing of the lessons I've learned.

Here's what the reviewer had to say:

This business book "delivers the goods" exactly as promised. I've seen textbooks that weigh in at 20 pounds and contain the same information, but in less palatable form. As a current business owner, I discovered ideas and concepts I wish I'd known from the start.

  • Who will benefit from Faulkner's book? Anyone who's considering a business venture. The seven scenarios of why businesses fail (page 37) are worth the cost of the book.
  • Anyone who operates a business and needs to increase income or cut costs.
  • Managers and employees who want to excel and grow.
  • Experienced professionals who need a refresher course.
  • Business students who want to master the basics without spending $140 on a giant textbook.
You can't go wrong -- this book is worth the money!
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  1. You're obviously doing something very right, Linda. Great stuff.