Sunday, June 5, 2011

37 years ago today...

I have been remiss with my blogging. Life seems to interfere with everything, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, my priority list in recent weeks eliminated things such as personal time and weekends off. I'll be presenting a two-hour workshop at the annual convention of the National Association of Insurance Women in Las Vegas this week and, I'm hoping, that event will cap off a six-week period of frenzied activity.

Which prompted my memory of 37 years ago today.

As I typed the date on an invoice this morning, I was reminded of my graduation from high school ... yes, 37 years ago today. Mom couldn't make it because she was recovering from major surgery. I don't remember much else, except the weather was fine and so was my dress--even though it was covered for a good portion of the day by that awful blue robe. (Do kids even wear clothes beneath their graduation robes these days?)

That's me to the left of my two cousins (Eileen and Ellen) in the picture. It was taken in the spring before I graduated. Silly me: at the time I thought I was fat. I didn't have a clue about fat at that time. Nor did I have a clue about much of anything.

I was incredibly naive. Life took care of that, too.

But I did want to be a writer--a published writer. And, voila, 28 years later it happened.

What hopes and dreams did you have on the day you graduated from high school? Have you achieved them? If not, when are you planning to do so?

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