Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Being Famous

Every once in a while someone says something that snaps me out of my little world.  You know how it is:  you're walking around like everyone else, intent on The Life of [_fill in your name__], and you get a glimpse of yourself as another person views you.

I was talking to my oldest granddaughter on the telephone the other day.  She lives 2,700 miles away and I try to call her a few times a month.  We catch up on things and not only does she share the details of her life, she shares the perspective of a highly intelligent and precocious 11-year old.

She has a Facebook presence (monitored by Mom and Dad) and told me how neat her friends think it is that her grandma has a page on Facebook that people can "like."  They all think I'm famous because I wrote two books and have a fan page.

From their minds to God's ears, eh?

Who thinks you're famous...and why?


  1. LOL no one!! Hope I never lose sight of who I really am even if I sell a ton of books:)

  2. Well then, Terri, here's hoping to sell a ton of books!