Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Spurs Your Creativity?

Personally, I prefer quiet when I'm writing.  No radio.  No music.  No sounds of traffic, ambulances, or barking dogs.

Definitely no TV.  The voices distract me.  You know, all those words...  Not to mention the hollering, screaming, and other idiocy.

Some people have told me they MUST have music playing in the background when they're writing or painting or in the midst of other creative efforts.  Bach and Beethoven do it for some of them, heavy metal does it for others.

Other people report they like to write in a coffee shop, while commuting on the bus or train, or outdoors.

What spurs YOUR creativity?  I'm curious.  Curious enough to give a few other things a whirl.  Every so often I like to shake things up ... this week, I'm into shaking myself up.  That's what four days at home does to me...


  1. There are lots of things that spur my creativity, all very different, but I'm with you on the sound-front. Noise of any sort kills my creativity stone dead. Maybe my brain's wired differently, but if there's music playing, I want to listen to it - and I can't concentrate on that and on putting sensible words together at the same time. And it's not just because I'm a pathetic male who, by definition, can't multi-task.

  2. I would NEVER think to call you a pathetic male, non-multi-tasker. I LIKE you, Bill, remember?

    (Besides, anything one says on the Internet goes down in history FOREVER. Wouldn't wnat to insult any pathetic males ... or non-multi-taskers, now, would I?)