Monday, June 8, 2009

Writing Funny

Don't you just love to read stuff that's funny? Don't you wish you could write it?

I do. And I'm sure I could, if only I could come up with a character who lent herself to funny. I've been toying with some ideas, but none of them have gelled.

If you know of any good resources or have any good suggestions please, let me know. I really need some help.


  1. Depends what sort of funny you mean, Linda. I used to write sketches (skits in the US) and songs for our revues at the Edinburgh Festival. A lot of the time there it was a question of taking a very familiar situation (Adam and Eve and the serpent, (the virgin) Mary telling Joseph she's pregnant, Lady Macbeth taking her dog for a walk) and writing down what they said to one another.
    In novels and short stories, most humour (even the physical sort) stems from character. For laughter you need to have two levels at which an event or remark can be appreciated. When the levels seem mutually exclusive, the results can be funny. Try putting a conventional character in an unconventional situation (or vice versa) and see what happens. You might be surprised at where they take you. Good luck with it. (Actually, this is a good topic and I'm thinking I might try to write a wee blog about it myself. So thanks.

  2. I loved your "wee" blog. Linked to it too! Thanks for the info, which was very helpful--as I already mentioned.