Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two weeks without Internet Access

My best friend and I set out by car from Missoula, Montana on February 22nd and proceeded to drive 2,751 miles to North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

At 11 years old, my big, black dog served as protector and companion as we drove through 13 states in five 10-hour days. I learned two very important things about Delaney during the trip: (1) he doesn't care if I choose not to wear make-up in public (even though I desperately need it) and (2) like me, he actually prefers to drive without the radio on.

I'll be spending the next couple of months in Massachusetts with my family and have had a hectic two weeks. It's tough to answer e-mail, conduct business, and promote your books when you don't have Internet access on a regular basis.

Each of the motels I stayed at during my trek had wireless connections--so I was able to use my laptop to handle essential work--but not having access to my computer and the myriad files and the e-mail program I use was a pain. My computer is set up at my sister's house (where I'm living), but she doesn't have Internet access ... yet. We're getting that tomorrow.

In Montana, I wouldn't have had to wait a week for an appointment for the setup. Then again, although Montana has fewer than 1,000,000 people versus the nearly 7,000,000 people in Massachusetts, none of those people are my three kids, two granddaughters, sister, or father. I've greatly enjoyed seeing each of them this past week--whenever I want!

My parents and the four of us kids moved to Massachusetts when I was 11 years old. I lived here until 7 years ago when my husband and I moved to Montana. (For those of you with enquiring minds, that totals nearly 40 years.) Why, then, I'm wondering, do the people now have accents? Sure, when we first moved to MA from New York, I noticed the Boston in everyone's speech. Over time, however, the oddness of it disappeared. Well, now it's back!

And there are a LOT more people than I've become accustomed to and WAY MORE cars on the road than I recall from 7 short years ago. On the other hand, it's great to be able to share lunch with old friends (two women I worked with 30 years ago), hug my granddog, eat a home-cooked meal prepared by 81 year-old Dad, serve as chauffeur for my sister and son (who each had car “issues” this week), chat with my two adorable granddaughters (who each, in different ways, are so much like their wonderful mother), prepare for a trip to Boston to visit with my youngest daughter (who travelled to see me my first day here!), secure computer technical advice from my favorite son-in-law, and get acquainted with my future daughter-in-law.

I thought I’d be going nuts without Internet access and the ability to publish blog posts, Facebook comments, Tweets, and answer 100+ e-mails each day. Well, I’m not. (Then again, I have been periodically running out with the laptop to spots with wireless access. Good thing I like to drink A LOT of tea!)

Technology is great, but nothing beats family. What (or who) do YOU like better than your Internet access?


  1. Hi Linda - just dropping in via Bill's blog! Lovely photos. Sometimes it's good to be without Internet access, although I found it difficult a couple of years ago when we lost it for 3 weeks - had to find a library or Internet cafe now and then!

  2. Hi, Rosemary. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments about my photos. One good thing about being in Massachusetts instead of Montana - those libraries and Internet cafes are MUCH closer to home!