Monday, March 21, 2011

What are the 9 Fundamentals for Professional Success?

My publisher, NorLights Press, is promoting me on their blog by sharing clues about the 9 Fundamentals
for Professional Success.

Here's Fundamental #4, with its clue:

Knowledge is essential in today’s business world.

Here’s the fourth clue: Curiosity and creativity are important elements of knowledge; they allow a person to take something that works, and shape it into a new and innovative creation that outperforms its previous incarnation. Technology has dramatically changed the way people communicate and do business. The Internet has not only breathed new life into the way we do business, it has also forced old and familiar traditions into retirement. The newer generations embrace different philosophies than the older generations do; the blending of the generations in the workplace creates a wonderful discordant harmony.

To learn what the other eight fundamentals are, complete with their own individual clues, visit:


  1. Good point, Linda. I think the way 'knowledge' is often accessed (NB not 'acquired') nowadays leaves a lot to be desired. It's so easy to visit Wikipedia or some other site and find 'the answer'. Real knowledge is when you do 'acquire' it and you're able to use it in a different context. It's all about critical thinking.

  2. And putting that critical thinking into action. Thanks for agreeing, Bill; I love when that happens!