Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Beth

On day 2 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I'm faced with writing two blog posts based on the letter "B." I never run out of topics when it comes to writing and wrote the B Blogpost for my Author Exchange Blog first. As I thought about this blogpost, I couldn't get my mind off Beth. No other "B" words jumped out at me. So, here goes...

Beth is my oldest daughter. If I'd had my way, she'd have been called Elizabeth and we'd be talking about her next week. Unfortunately, I haven't always gotten my way. But I did with Beth.

Throughout my pregnancy, I heard a multitude of stories about how you could predict the gender of the unborn child. (This was 34 years ago, folks.) From the size and shape of my Bulging stomach to my food cravings. My mother and I were the only people who believed Beth would be a girl.

She was Born in March after a very long laBor, most of which I don't recall because what I really remember about that day is how happy I was. Beth was perfect. From her tiny little toes to her perfect disposition.

And today, 33 years later, although I should be describing her with "B" words, I still think she's perfect. She possess a quirky sense of humor: dry, sarcastic, and just a Bit off. She zips off one-liners that have me rolling on the floor, howling. Bone--there's a "B" word. She doesn't have a nasty Bone in her body and she's incredibly generous.

She's the mother of two little girls, one of whom has a name that begins with "B" and Both of whom are as perfect as their mother--in different ways. (Although my oldest granddaughter's personality has me calling her Beth because it's so similar to her mother's at that age.)  You know how each of your kids touches you in a special way? How, whenever you hear their names, something distinctive and unique, pops into your mind or elicits a particular response?

Well, whenever I think of Beth, I smile. Simply put, she makes me happy.


  1. lovely post, Linda. Made me smile.

  2. Michael - Beths (and wee fellas, too, I bet) have a way of doing that.