Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Poop

Aren't you glad I didn't Post a Picture with this Post?

Poop is on my mind these days because my dog and I are currently living in a Place where I need to walk him instead of simPly letting him out into the woods to do his business.

Which means I carry Plastic bags with me and ... well ... you know.

Delaney and I walk about half a mile to an area that abuts the condo association's Parkling lot. It's about 100 yards long and there's about six feet of grass between the Parking lot and the woods. I bring my Plastic bag, Delaney does his thing, and shortly thereafter I feed the dumPster. Other PeoPle think that the area beyond the Parking lot is fair game and aren't so fastidious. And that's okay.

What's bugging me is the lady who lives across the grassy common area. She's an end unit, as are we, and she walks her hyPer, little, barky dog on the grass where he ... you guessed it ... makes daily dePosits.

I'm just wondering:
  • Is small PooP different from medium, or large, PooP?
  • Is small PooP less stinky or disgusting than other kinds of PooP?
  • When you steP in it, does it small PooP make your shoes smell like roses, or ... PooP?
  • Does the neighbor-lady really think we can't see (or smell) the little turds her doggy hides in the ground cover?

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