Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for "Oops!"

Oops, I'm Overwhelmed!

Life is good, but it's throwing lots of stuff at me these days. I know how to be Organized, but I'm having a difficult time getting a grip on my time.

Funny how life (or is it God?) has a way of humbling us and sending us skidding down the paths we plan to follow and then forcing us through the underbush to pave a new path.

How do you get yourself back on track? How do you prevent yourself from burning the candle at both ends?

Really, I have an inquiring mind and need to know!


  1. Hehehe I'm the wrong sort of person to ask. To me, life is about staying on the new track to see where it goes or seeing for just how long I can hold onto that candle while both ends are burning...


  2. You surprise me Linda. I'd have thought you were on top of everything. No good asking me about it, though; I just do stuff when I do it - no plan, no intended outcomes. I'm living proof of chaos theory or the uncertainty principle or those other things that clever people know about. (Mind you, it can't help that you've taken on this blog-a-day torture.)

  3. @ Misha: So there IS hope for me if I fall off the wagon...

    @ Bill: No one can be on top of everything all the time. You just confirmed what Misha said, and what I'd hoped to be true: the world won't end if I slack off a bit.

  4. Honestly? I gave up planning because life always changes them at the last minute. Every once in awhile I have to take a day or two --maybe even three-- to catch up with myself. :0)