Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rant about "Hello"

Why is it that some people just can't be sociable?

You know, like when you're walking your dog on a beautiful, sunny, April morning and you pass someone on his way to the dumpster with a broken chair in his hands. You smile, say "hi," and he breaks eye contact with you, frowning. Would it have killed him to say hello? Would his face have fallen off if he smiled?

Yes, maybe the broken chair once belonged to his beloved grandmother and he's heartbroken that his overweight wife sat on it, despite fifteen years of warnings, and broke it when she fell to the floor. Of course, we're not sure if he's more heartbroken about the chair breaking or his wife's disobedience. Still... none of that's my fault! Maybe a hello and shared smile with a stranger and her dog would have brightened the otherwise sunny day for everyone involved.

Or how about when you're in the grocery store at 10:00 a.m. on said beautiful, sunny, April morning to pick up bagels for you, half 'n' half for your sister's coffee, and some American cheese? The guy behind the deli counter hollers out, "Number 40!" and when you smile and say, "That's me!" he just gives you a vacant stare. Would it have killed him to say hello? Or hi there? Or even crack the corners of his lips into a teenie, weenie, glimpse of a smile?

Obviously it would. Either that or he has the personality of a door knob. Or his wife broke his chair earlier this morning when he was dressing for work.

I truly believe this world would be a better place if, when we encounter other people, we made a little effort to be pleasant. Maybe even a little friendly. And I'm going to continue to do my part, despite all the grumps in the world. Don't they know yesterday was "G" day and today is "H" day? They should be Happy today.



  1. Hello, Linda (waves madly) good luck with your quest to get everyone smiling.

  2. People in the city seem less likely to respond to a "hello" than those in the countryside where life is slower and more secure. I found that 90% of the times you smile at someone they smile back. I'll try "hello" now. Hello Linda. Like your post :)

  3. Lauracea: You've got that right about city versus countryside ... and also about smiling first usually netting a similar response. Which is why I try to initiate the smiling and hello bit. Thanks for responding!