Friday, April 15, 2011

Monday is the M Word

Unlike most working people, I like Mondays. Sure, I hate to see the weekend end but I'm pragmatic: all good things end. Instead of getting upset about the end of the weekend I'm thankful they repeate themselves every seven days.

Monday gives me a fresh start. I have 52 times a year (or 4.3 times per month) to begin again. I know I'm going to be crazy-busy, so I seldom create serious goals for completion on Monday. I figure if I make it through the day without major mishaps, it's been a good one. (Especially on those Mondays when there's a full moon!)

My father is 81 and he retired at age 55. He hardly remembers what Mondays are like, claiming the days all blend together because he doesn't have five weekdays and two weekend days--he has perpetual weekends. Nice if you can do it, I suppose. I choose to believe retirement's boring. Maybe that's because there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I'll be retiring at age 55 (which is right around the corner).

What's your take on Mondays?

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